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The Ports Regulator was established in terms of the National Ports Act, act number 12 of 2005. The Regulator is a key component of the ports regulatory architecture envisaged in the National Commercial Ports Policy. The Regulator’s key function is economic regulation of the ports system in South Africa, in line with the strategic development context of the state.

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7 December, 2018 | PTIP, Economic Regulation

Record of Decision on the submitted Port Tariff Incentive Programme Application for the Tariff Year 2019/20

The Ports Regulator of South Africa, in consultation with the National Ports Authority, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Transport, and various other government departments, have developed a Port Tariff Incentive Programme (PTIP) in support of beneficiation, industrialisation, and localisation through port tariff regulation... Read More

30 November, 2018 | NPA Tariff Applications

Record of Decision statement on the National Ports Authority Tariff Application for the Tariff Year 2019/20

On 01 August 2018, the National Ports Authority applied to the Ports Regulator of South Africa in terms of Section 72 of the National Ports Act, 12 of 2005 for approval of the tariffs for services and facilities offered by the NPA of an average increase of 4.21% for the period 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, together with indicative tariff increases of 18.57% and 6.34% for 2020/21 and 2021/22 respectively... Read More

23 November, 2018 | NPA Tariff Applications, Notices


During the public consultation Roadshows (14-19 September) held in respect of the NPA Tariff Application process, as contemplated in the National Ports Act, 2005, it had been communicated to participants that the Application by the NPA did not fully comply with the information requirements of the Regulator, and the Regulator published a letter on 23 August 2018 setting out the required information as well as an invitation to meet with the Transnet Board in order for a substantiation of the sustainability concerns expressed in the Application... Read More