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The Ports Regulator was established in terms of the National Ports Act, act number 12 of 2005. The Regulator is a key component of the ports regulatory architecture envisaged in the National Commercial Ports Policy. The Regulator’s key function is economic regulation of the ports system in South Africa, in line with the strategic development context of the state.

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18 June, 2018 | Vacancies, Corporate

Latest Vacancy: Specialist Tribunal and Compliance (Re-Advertisement)

This position reports to the Manager Legal: Tribunal, Regulatory and Compliance of the Ports Regulator of South Africa. The successful candidate will deliver a compliance, regulatory review and regulatory audit/monitoring service under the leadership of the Executive Legal... Read More

8 June, 2018 | Tenders, Corporate

Request for Proposals: Procurement of Salary Benchmarking Services

Prospective service providers are invited to submit bids to the Ports Regulator of South Africa to provide salary benchmarking services. Bid documents can be sourced by email or from the offices of the Regulator... Read More

7 December, 2017 | PTIP, Economic Regulation

Port Tariff Incentive Programme (PTIP)

The Ports Regulator of South Africa, in consultation with the National Ports Authority, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Transport, and various other government departments, have developed a Port Tariff Incentive Programme (PTIP) in support of beneficiation, industrialisation, and localisation through port tariff regulation... Read More

4 April, 2018 | Benchmarking and Research, Economic Regulation

Global Pricing Comparator Study 2017/18

This is the sixth update of the GPCS reviews tariffs for 2017, and it continues to confirm the overall results of previous iterations of this study. Furthermore, the impact of regulatory intervention in the port sector is becoming increasingly clear as the overall structure of the South African port pricing system has, on a relative level, changed since the inception... Read More

29 March, 2018 | Tariff Methodology, Economic Regulation

Record of Decision: Weighted Efficiency Gains from Operations

In 2017/18 the Ports Regulator of South Africa published a Multi -Year Tariff Methodology, applicable to the 2018/19 – 2020/21 tariff periods. The Methodology, whilst following the basic Required Revenue principles, introduced an efficiency incentive in the form of Weighted Efficiency Gains from Operation... Download

29 March, 2018 | Tariff Methodology, Economic Regulation

Methodology for the Valuation of the Regulatory Asset Base

The Regulator has published a draft methodology and discussion paper entitled “A Methodology for the Valuation of Port Assets” on the 23rd of February 2018 for public consultation setting out the considerations in the treatment of the National Ports Authority’s Regulatory Asset Base going forward. The discussion document outlined various theoretical approaches to the establishment and treatment of an opening Regulatory Asset Base... Download

23 March, 2018 | Tariff Applications, Economic Regulation

Approved Tariff Book for the 2018/19 Tariff Year

The Ports Regulator of South Africa has approved the Transnet National Ports Authority Tariff Book for the 2018/19 tariff year... Download